Photo of So Goto, MD, PhD

2022 Loris and David Rich Postdoctoral Scholar

So Goto, MD, PhD University of California Berkeley School of Optometry So Goto, MD, PhD, has been selected as the 2022 Loris and David Rich Postdoctoral Scholar for his project, Role of retinal pigment epithelium in choroidal thickness modulation and myopia maculopathy. After receiving a Bachelor of Medicine (MD) from Kanazawa University School of Medicine […]

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Photo of Marcus J. Hooper, PhD

2021 Charles D. Kelman, MD Postdoctoral Scholar

MARCUS J. HOOPER, PhD PROJECT TITLE: CRISPR-mediated Müller glial reprogramming Dr. Hooper received his undergraduate degree in chemistry and biology from Eastern Washington University, and then completed his PhD at University of Florida in chemistry and biology.  A postdoctoral fellowship followed from University of Washington in Seattle.  Dr. Hooper’s research interests have focused on preventing, […]

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Oxidative Stress Resistance 1 Gene Therapy Retards Neurodegeneration in the rd1 Mutant Mouse Model of Retinopathy

Authors:   Bhubanananda Sahu; Laura Moreno Leon; Wei Zhang; Nikita Puranik; Ramesh Periasamy; Hemant Khanna; Michael Volkert. Investigative Ophgthalmology & Visual Science September 2021, Vol.62, 8. ABSTRACT Purpose:  Oxidative stress is a major factor underlying many neurodegenerative diseases.  However, antioxidant therapy has had mixed results, possibly because of its indiscriminate activity.  The purpose of this study […]

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