2019 Loris and David Rich, MD Postdoctoral Scholar

Jason M. Miller, MD, PhD Kellogg Eye CenterUniversity of MichiganAnn Arbor, Michigan Project Title: mTor-Independent Activation as a Therapeutic for Lipid-Rich Pathology in Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration Dr. Miller completed his undergraduate degree in biology at Stanford University, where he was active in development of microsurgical devices with the Department of Ophthalmology.  He completed his […]

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Headshot of Rodrigo Martins, PhD

Smc1 and the Cohesin Complex in Retinal Development and Disease:

Dr. Martins is an IRRF-Funded scientist at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where he is an Assistant Professor. His funded project, Smc1 and the Cohesin Complex in Retinal Development and Disease: A New Mouse Model of Photoreceptor Degeneration, has resulted in a published paper in Developmental Biology, “N-myc regulates growth and fiber cell differentiation in lens development.”

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Loris Rich photo

Remembering Loris Rich​

Every great cause needs a great patron, and the International Retinal Research Foundation has been fortunate in having two of the most generous. Dr. David Rich and his wife, Loris, were active in philanthropy for more than four decades, generously sharing their time and gifts throughout the Birmingham community. Before the incorporation of the International […]

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Charles D. Kelman portrait photo

Remembering Charles D. Kelman, M.D

In the medical and scientific world, Charles D. Kelman, MD was known as “the father of phacoemulsification,” inventor extraordinaire, and a visionary pioneer whose technological ideas propelled the practice of ophthalmology into the realm of precision surgery. A 20th century Renaissance man, Dr. Kelman approached his varied interests with equal exuberance. A talented musician, he […]

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