International Retinal Research Foundation

Providing financial support for vision research. 

All Postdoctoral Scholar Awards – $35,000 for One Year — Submission Deadline: March 15.

Applications for regular grant funding will not be accepted in 2023.  The next submission date is May 15, 2024.

Download forms: HERE. Questions or request for information should be forwarded to Sandra Blackwood either by email, [email protected] by phone, 205-325-8103, or by writing to Sandra Blackwood, Executive Director, The International Retinal Research Foundation, Inc., 1720 University Blvd., Birmingham, AL 35233

Meet the new 2022 IRRF Scholar Awardees

Photos of 2022 IRRF Awardees

Kelman Awardee   Callahan Awardee   Rich Awardee

The next submission date for IRRF Postdoctoral Scholar Awards is March 15. More Info. Download form: Grant Application.doc Questions or request for information should be forwarded to Sandra Blackwood either by email, [email protected] or phone, 205-325-8103

Current IRRF-Funded Research

The IRRF Board of Directors approves up to two years of funding for eight grantees. Below are the current awardees.


IRRF Announces New Partnership Initiatives Providing Sustained Research Funding:

The post-pandemic economy has resulted in funding partnership opportunities that leverage the power of matching grants from more than one source.  The International Retinal Research Foundation is pleased to announce new partnerships that will provide research funding over the next three years.

IRRF Featured News

Christopher Brian Toomey, MD, PhD

2022 Robert Machemer MD and International Retinal Research Foundation Fellowship

Dr. Martins is an IRRF-Funded scientist at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where he is an Assistant Professor. His funded project, Smc1 and the Cohesin Complex in Retinal Development and Disease: A New Mouse Model of Photoreceptor Degeneration, has resulted in a published paper in Developmental Biology, “N-myc regulates growth and fiber cell differentiation in lens development.”

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