Matthew Simunovic, MD

2023 IRRF/Macula Society Grantee Matthew Simunovic, MD

Matthew Simunovic, MD
Save Sight Institute, University of Sydney, Australia

Collagen Bioglue for Retinal Detachment Repair

Matthew Simunovic is Professor Ophthalmology & Visual Science at the Save Sight Institute where he leads the Retinal Disease and Rescue Group.  Additionally, he is a senior consultant ophthalmic surgeon at Sydney Eye Hospital and The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, Australia, where he sub-specializes in surgery and diseases of the retina.  Professor Simunovic’s research interests include emerging treatments for retinal diseases, experimental vitreoretinal surgery and visual psychophysics.  He was the first Australian ophthalmologist to be awarded a Career Development Award from the Foundation Fighting Blindness, USA.

Dr. Simunovic’s clinical practice focuses on vitreoretinal surgery (including small gauge vitrectomy, scleral buckling and macular surgery), medical retinal disorders and complex cataract surgery in which vitreoretinal intervention may be required (including sutured and non-sutured scleral fixation techniques for intraocular lenses).

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